Our company
The boatyard AFOI BARSAMIDI O.E. Chalkidiki Boatyard is a family business. It was founded in 1970 in Nea Potidea, Chalkidiki, and at the time, its main activity was to build wood made ships.

In the mid eighties it expanded and evolved.
Today the boatyard covers an area of 10000 square meters and offers safe hibernation facilities for plastic made as well as for wooden boats.

Through our long-standing experience in ship-building, maintenance and repair of ships, we offer high quality services, such as painting and polishing with products made by the best known companies in our field of activities (AWL GRIP, STOPPANI, INTERNATIONAL, 3M).

Our team of electricians, mechanics, machinists and ship-builders can offer you a high quality maintenance.

Our company specializes in the prevention and cure of plastic boat osmosis, through the removal of aged colors and the addition of anti-osmotic protection by the most up to date methods used today.